Our Story

Glory to Jesus Christ!

We are two Catholic men from the Northeast USA, and members of the Byzantine Catholic Church. Through divine intervention, we met on the train to work one morning after noticing each other’s komboskinis (Eastern Christian prayer ropes). We soon discovered we have much in common, and now we have become extremely close friends and soldiers of Christ.

We are both doing our best to lead by Christ’s example in our daily jobs, but we have always felt called to something bigger. Our story began here.

In December of 2016, only three months after we met, we went on a retreat to Holy Resurrection Byzantine Monastery in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin. Little did we know, this would be a life changing experience. While perusing through the books in the monastery’s library, we came across a book called God Owns My Business by Stanley Tam. In short, the book was about a Christian man and entrepreneur named Stanley Tam who started a business and committed 51% of his profits to Christian and charitable causes. He gives his account of how God helped him every step of the way and allowed him to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

We took this as a sign from God. What an amazing opportunity it would be if God allowed us to imitate this and pursue our business passions while serving God and spreading the faith. So, on January 25, 2016, the feast day of St. Gregory of Nazianzus (after whom the town of St. Nazianz is named), we started Gold Coast Corporate Services LLC. Gold Coast files corporate entity filings, such as LLCs, DBAs, Partnerships, and more. We have committed to use 51% of our profits for Christian causes in hopes that we can help spread our Byzantine Catholic faith throughout the world.

One of us later started a promotional products business called IC NIKA, which also follows the same 51% business model. The name comes from the common Christogram IC XC NIKA, which means “Jesus Christ Conquers.”

In addition, we have started an Instagram account (@KomboskiniKlan), with which we hope to teach the world about the Jesus Prayer and the komboskini. Through the grace of God, we are seeing much success.

We consider God the owner of our businesses just like Tam did. David Green, billionaire Christian founder of Hobby Lobby, also gives away half of his profits and attributes his success to God. We look to both of these men as inspirations in our journey to fulfill our passions for serving God in a higher capacity. Of course, we know God always has a plan for us, and this may or may not be it. So we continue to pray every day asking God to guide us and ultimately help convert souls. This blog contains our account of God’s intervention in our lives and an attempt to teach the world more about the Byzantine Catholic faith and it’s mysticism.

May God bless all of our readers so that they may continue to grow in their faith and serve God in their full capacity.